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Best Painters In Nashville Tennessee

Painters In Nashville
Best Painters In Nashville Tenessee

Why did you choose to start a painting business in Nashville? Why is it important to you? Are you both born and raised in this area?

We have been in the area since college and fell in love with Nashville, even before it became the thriving metropolis it is today! There are so many awesome customers and contractors in the area, we love serving this community.

What jobs or life experiences have specifically helped you as a contractor now?

Matt has been in commercial construction for almost 20 years. He has worked as a general contractor, project manager, and sales coordinator for commercial subcontractors in Nashville. 

How has experimenting with paint in your garage helped you as a business?

Neither of us have been painters by trade, so we wanted to be sure we were students of the trade. We wanted to know the different products our crews were using AND introduce them to new ones that might better serve our customers. 

Did you learn any tricks with these experiments that few contractors know about? 

We are pretty excited about our cabinet process. Not many painters in the area use the process we use, and the end result is quite gorgeous! 

What do other contractors in Nashville do that’s similar? What are they lacking in comparison? 

There are a handful of great painting contractors in Nashville. What makes us unique is our diverse skill set, our ability to do wallpaper, and the personal relationship we create with each customer.

What is your communication process like with a client you’re working with?

We always make a one-on-one connection with our client, there is no automated system or robots. We listen to their needs and create a project scope accordingly.

How do you ensure customer service, efficiency, and craftsmanship with every project? Is that solely done through communication or are there other methods/resources you use?

Communication is key to good customer service. However, we also have a lot of methods behind the scenes to ensure a good experience. We are in communication with our crews on a regular basis. We are always working with our local product reps to get the best pricing and product. We are sharing ways for our customers to better their homes and sometimes ways to save money!

What are changes you made to your business to ensure quality in the recent years? 

We pay attention to detail, document everything, and keep honesty at the forefront. 

Do you do anything specifically to give back to the community?

Matt and Maggie are both actively involved in the community. We support local schools and churches in their fundraisers each year. 

What do you do as a contractor to continuously grow?

IF books on tape and business development books were a love language, that would be ours! Growing as a person, business owner, spouse, and parent helps us improve each and every day.