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Here we have additional information to make your painting experience the best it can be! There are a few services we’ve outlined with our most frequently asked questions about them. More to come soon.

Best Painters in Nashville

Best Painters In Nashville Tennessee

Why did you choose to start a painting business in Nashville? Why is it important to you? Are you both born and raised in this area? We have been in the area since college and fell in love with Nashville, even before it became the thriving metropolis it is today! There are so many awesome customers

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Commercial Painters In Nashville

The Best Commercial Painting In Nashville

How did you get into painting commercial painting? Matt has been in the commercial construction field for almost 20 years. Almost 10 of those years were spent as a General Contractor for commercial construction.  Prior to starting Harpeth Painting he spent 4 years at a commercial painting company.    How long have you been handling commercial painting

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Painted Brick Homes in nashville tennessee

Painted Brick Homes; The Good, Bad and the Ugly

How we got into painting brick homes… How did you get into painting brick homes, is it something you wanted to do originally or something clients specifically asked for?  We started painting brick homes when our business began. We love the look of a clean, painted brick and were excited to see how many clients requested it.

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets: The Nitty, Gritty, and Pretty

Our process for painting kitchen cabinets. How long does each stage take? Prep, cleaning, painting, in total? Our total project time for painting cabinets typically runs 3-5 days. One day is spent prepping (removing doors, removing hardware, covering all areas of the home, etc). The next 1-2 days is spent brushing and rolling frames and spraying

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