Painted Brick Homes in nashville tennessee

Painted Brick Homes; The Good, Bad and the Ugly

How we got into painting brick homes…

white painted brick homes

How did you get into painting brick homes, is it something you wanted to do originally or something clients specifically asked for? 

We started painting brick homes when our business began. We love the look of a clean, painted brick and were excited to see how many clients requested it.

How long have you been painting brick homes for?

We have been painting brick homes for 4 years as a company, but most of our crews have painted brick homes for over 10 years.

Do you think this is a trend or a timeless style? If so, why?

Painting brick is timeless. Most painted brick homes choose a fairly neutral color palette that likens to siding. You can always add trendy colors in with landscaping, accent furniture, etc.

What’s the best time of year in TN to go about painting brick homes?  

Spring and late fall are the best times to paint brick homes. The heat of summer and unexpected rain can make that season tricky. Winter is too cold.

How does this service compare to standard exterior painting?

Painting brick is very similar to other exterior paint projects. Paint serves to protect your home and keep the structure in good shape as the home ages.

Is there anything you guys do differently compared to another painter?

Our crews are extremely well trained and diligent in their projects. We do not hide any costs, we make sure there are enough coats to fully cover all the brick, and we finish in a neat and timely manner.

What specifically are the advantages of painting brick homes?

Painting brick looks great but also preserves the exterior of your home. IT will make your home last longer and look newer.

The disadvantages?

The main disadvantage of painting brick is it is very costly to un-do it. Once you paint your brick, it would cost a lot of money to attempt and strip the paint.

What’s something most people get wrong about painting brick homes?

Most people think there is a lot of maintenance with painted brick. Well painted and well maintained homes can last 10+ years.