Painting Kitchen Cabinets: The Nitty, Gritty, and Pretty

Our process for painting kitchen cabinets.

Painting kitchen cabinets in Nashville Tennessee

How long does each stage take? Prep, cleaning, painting, in total?

Our total project time for painting cabinets typically runs 3-5 days. One day is spent prepping (removing doors, removing hardware, covering all areas of the home, etc). The next 1-2 days is spent brushing and rolling frames and spraying doors/drawers. On the final day, our crews will reinstall all the hardware and doors.

How much do cabinets typically cost?

The average cost of a cabinet repaint is anywhere from $2,500-$6,000. The cost depends on the size of the kitchen and the current conditions of the cabinets. There is also a slight increase in cost for two-toned cabinets.

What types of photos do people need to submit to get a cost estimate? 

For a cabinet estimate, all we need is pictures of all areas of the kitchen (or cabinets), and 1-2 closeup images of the cabinet doors (inside and out). Typically we can offer a virtual estimate from there!

How long does the finish last?

With the product we use for cabinet refinishing, the cabinets should last for years and years!

What can I do to protect my new cabinets from being ruined?

Our product is extremely durable, but we always recommend minimizing harsh cleaners over and over on one area. Your cabinets will last longer if they are routinely wiped with a wet rag or mild soap.

Can you get rid of the grain in oak?

We can remove the grain in oak cabinets when painting, however this increases the cost significantly.

What color is best for cabinets?

We have done a wide range of colors from Snowbound White to Emerald Green. If a customer is looking for a basic white or grey, we can easily offer some of our favorites. We also have relationships with local designers if a customer is looking for a fun new color that is “outside the box”.

What paint do you use and why do you use that over others?

For most projects we use Renner, an Italian two-part water-based polyurethane finish. We love spraying cabinets with this product. It is durable, has a great shine, and low-odor. Occasionally we will use Benjamin Moore Advance or Cabinet Coat if the project needs this product.

Do you create a spray room, are there any alternatives?

We will take doors and drawers off site to spray them. In some situations we can create a spray room in the kitchen to spray the frames. However, if that is not an option we will brush and roll the frames.

Somebody already painted my cabinets, can you repaint them?

Absolutely! Our process involves sanding, degreasing, sanding, and degreasing again. This will ensure any previously paint is removed and we have a clean slate!

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