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Harpeth Commercial Painters Nashville

How did you get into painting commercial painting?

Matt has been in the commercial construction field for almost 20 years. Almost 10 of those years were spent as a General Contractor for commercial construction.  Prior to starting Harpeth Painting he spent 4 years at a commercial painting company.   

How long have you been handling commercial painting projects?

We have been doing commercial projects since we opened in 2017.

What do you love most about commercial compared to residential?

The commercial projects are always very complex and fun. Our crews create teams, both among themselves and with the other sub crews, to work on some pretty big projects. Seeing our painting or wall covering at a new restaurant in town, or on a new medical facility adds a whole new level of excitement in the end product!

What do you do differently for commercial painting projects compared to residential ones? What’s similar?

What’s similar is always our standards of quality and service. Whether it is small or large, commercial or residential, we want our customers to feel supported and love the end product. Commercial jobs are different in that the timelines tend to be longer and more complicated, which is where that communication piece is key.

Is there a certain time of year that’s best for commercial painting? Do you see any seasonality to it?

Our commercial crews stay busy year around, there is no season!

Did you see an increase in commercial projects during the covid lockdown? Is that something your company is capable of doing if we experience another lockdown? If so, what policies did you have in place to ensure safety for your clientele and employees? 

Our commercial jobs stayed steady throughout the lockdown. We worked closely with each General Contractor to ensure we were following their company (and client’s) safety protocol, and we communicated our safety procedures weekly to our teams. We kept ourselves educated on state and local guidelines and refrained from participating in any projects that did not align with the guidelines. Many property managers used the Covid time to complete projects with vacant facilities.

What makes you different from other commercial painting companies? What do you do better than them?

Our commitment to craftsmanship and character is deep in our company. Our teams are constantly perfecting their trade and learning new techniques for our commercial clients. We are easy to communicate with. And our teams are clean, respectful, and timely. 

What’s the hardest thing about commercial painting? (If there is anything)

The General Contractors and property managers have a big job when it comes to coordinating subs. We work our hardest to assist in coordination of schedules.

What are the typical commercial projects you take on? (offices, schools, warehouses, etc?)

We work on offices, new construction, restaurants, churches, warehouses, retail spaces, medical offices, financial centers, and industrial facilities. 

What’s your favorite commercial painting project you’ve ever done? Please provide photos of it! 

We have loved all our commercial projects! One of our biggest ongoing projects is the Alliance Bernstein build-out at 5th asnd Broad in downtown Nashville.