Exterior House Services

white painted brick homes

There are many variables when it comes to painting a house; what color to pick, what product to use, and will my painters even show up? At Harpeth Painting, we walk our customers through the process, communicating each step along the way to ensure they will have a beautiful end result and confidence in the team providing it.

Prices vary based on project scope, service times can also vary depending on what is required. Please contact us to get a better idea about your project! 

Brick Painting, Limewashing, & Whitewashing

We build lasting relationships through honesty and integrity

No deposits or money up front, you pay us after you see the final product

Fast turn around time on proposals and constant communication throughout the process

Best Painters in Nashville

Best Painters In Nashville Tennessee

Why did you choose to start a painting business in Nashville? Why is it important to you? Are you both born and raised in this area? We have been in the area since college and fell in love with Nashville, even before it became the thriving metropolis it is today! There are so many awesome customers

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