When the exterior of your house looks dull and unappealing, you may be considering whether it’s time to repaint. But how do you know if you really need a new paint job? Here’s what you need to know.

How Often Does Your House Need to be Painted?

Your house needs to be painted on a regular basis in order to protect it from the elements and keep its appearance up-to-date. Paint on a house’s exterior can last anywhere from 3 to 7 years on average, depending on the quality of the paint, how well it was applied, and other factors like local weather. 

With Nashville’s relatively mild climate, high humidity levels, and frequent thunderstorms, these conditions can affect paint jobs and even cause them to chip or flake more quickly. Sun exposure can also lead to fading and discoloration over time. For this reason, it is generally recommended to repaint your house every four years or so in order to keep it looking its best.

Here are five signs to look out for: 

  1. Cracked or Peeling Paint 
  2. Moisture Stains and Mold 
  3. Bubbling Paint 
  4. Fading Colors 
  5. You’re No Longer in Love with the Color

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Cracked or Peeling Paint

One of the first signs that it’s time to repaint is when the existing paint starts to crack or peel. Painting helps protect your home from damage caused by weathering, UV rays, and other environmental factors, so when the paint starts peeling off of your house, it’s important to take action quickly.

A fresh coat of exterior paint will help protect your home from further damage and improve its overall appearance.

Moisture Stains and Mold

Excess moisture can cause serious damage to the outside of your home. If there are any areas where water has been pooling for extended periods of time, this could lead to mold growth or other forms of decay which can lead to severe structural issues over time if left untreated. Our professional painting contractors can inspect these areas and recommend the best action to protect your home against further water damage.

Bubbling Paint

Another sign that it’s time for a new coat of paint is when existing paint begins bubbling up from the surface of the siding or trim. This issue typically arises due to poor preparation work prior to painting or using cheap materials during the application process. 

Professional painting involves using quality materials and properly preparing surfaces before applying layers of fresh paint, ensuring that bubbling doesn’t become an issue after just one year, like with most DIY jobs.

Fading Colors

If you find that colors on your house’s exterior have started fading away over time, then it might be worth refreshing them with a new coat of paint. Fading occurs due to prolonged exposure to UV radiation from direct sunlight as well as deteriorating effects from mildew and air pollutants in our environment over long periods of time. 

Our professional painters use quality paints designed specifically for outdoor applications, offering superior protection against UV rays and other environmental factors compared to DIY paints available at hardware stores.

You’re No Longer in Love With The Color

Finally, if you simply don’t love the color anymore, it might be worth repainting as it can completely transform your home at an affordable price. 

Whether you want something classic like white or blue; something modern, like black and gray; something bright like yellow; something natural-looking like green, or even something drastic there like purple. Anything is possible with professional exterior painting. 

Ready for a Refresh?

Now is the right time for those who are ready to take advantage of all that exterior painting has to offer their home. No matter what kind of property you have, your Nashville expert team is here to get the job done. 

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