As experts in painting and wallpaper installation, we’ve seen how a professional wallpaper installation can completely transform the look and feel of a home countless times. By working with the right people, you can transform various areas in your home from bland walls to statement pieces with character that reflects your taste.

Wallpaper is durable, versatile, and aesthetically appealing, making it one of the most imaginative ways to give life to a space. It comes in various forms and shapes to suit all space requirements. 

When updating your home with wallpaper, it shouldn’t be a DIY project. What you want is a professional installation from those with proven expertise in interior painting. Here’s why you should select a residential painting expert such as Harpeth Painting for wallpaper installation:

You save time.

If you were to do it by yourself, depending on the area, wallpaper installation can take you up to two days. Professionals can get the job done in one to three hours. They will accurately assess the area and inform you if textured areas need to be smoothened. They will also handle moving heaving furniture, prepping the room, protecting the floor with clothes, removing outlet covers, etc. 

You save money.

Think installing the wallpapers yourself will save you money? It might seem so unless you take into account all the tools you need to properly do the job. Do keep in mind the time it would take to find the right materials. With their experience in residential painting, professional wallpaper installation experts will have all the tools and materials to do the job. 

You avoid damage and stress.

Around 45 percent of all people who do home improvement projects themselves mess them up. The same study found that people usually spend up to five hours before they decide to call professionals. With the help of those experienced in interior painting, you can avoid all this trial and error and the stress and potential damage that come with it. 

A Variety of Designs, Colors, and Textures Show Your Personality and Style

Wallpapers can bring out an individual’s preferences, character, personality, and style. Choosing the one that suits your specific tastes from a wide variety of colors, designs, and textures will help bring your signature style to your space. 

You can go for a minimalist color scheme if that’s what you prefer. You can choose a country design if outdoors and rustic lifestyles are your taste. With geometric patterns, you can bring out your liking for modern art. And if you want your interiors to remind you of nature, wallpapers can help you achieve that. 

Can Switch up a Whole Room and Make it Instantly Cozier

If the space has been seeming dull or monotonous, it’s time to call the professionals. Whether it’s your work-from-home space, reading corner, or dining room, you can quickly add a whole new dimension to it through wallpapers.   

While you can use wallpapers to create a feature wall, you can also use them as art pieces. You can go subtle or bold and use wallpaper to create a focal point for a room. Installing one behind the fireplace or TV can bring the space to life with depth and creativity.

Lasts a Long Time, Retains Color, and Looks Nice

Good-quality wallpapers can last a long time, up to 15 years or so. More importantly, they will retain their original color and still look nice after all those years. So, whether you plan to use them in a repeat pattern along the wall or use them as small wallpaper prints, you can be certain about their longevity. 

Modern wallpapers are also washable and scrubbable, in case you’re worried about installing them in your bathroom or kitchen because they might get dirty. As long as you choose the right wallpaper and get it professionally installed, it will be alright. 

Let The Experts at Harpeth Painting Install Your Wallpaper

With our experience in residential painting and wallpaper installation, we can save you money, time, and needless stress. We will understand the unique structural demands of your space, arrange the necessary materials, discuss the job details with you, cover the floors, move furniture, and make sure that everything gets done quickly and thoroughly. 

When you need to install wallpapers, contact Harpeth Painting, the experts in interior painting in Nashville. 

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