While your kitchen looks great upon initial installation, you may start to notice chips in the cabinets over time. Perhaps you start to feel bored with the look of your kitchen and want to do something to spice up the decor. One of the most common projects that people decide to take on when they want to change the decor in their kitchen is to either replace or paint the cabinets. This can instantly change the look of the kitchen, but you should understand the potential downsides that come with this type of painting job. We are going to take a closer look at the downsides to these projects and help you understand what the best option is for you. 

The Downsides To Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s face it, we all love to dive into a do-it-yourself project from time to time. It is a fun way to keep our hands busy, but there are times when you may jump into a project that is above your skill level. This may be the case when you decide to repaint your kitchen cabinets. The job may seem simple at first, but once you realize the steps involved, you quickly start to notice how complex it really is. The process requires more than just sticking a paintbrush in a bucket of paint and sweeping it over the exterior of these cabinets. 

Needs To Be Repainted Over Time

One of the major issues that you may have when it comes to doing the process yourself is the fact that you will need to repaint the cabinets more frequently over time. If there are already chips in the cabinet or deep scratches, then your paint job may not look good afterward. This may require repainting regularly, as the paint can easily chip off on these damaged areas. 

Many people do not understand how many differences there often are between various types of paint, so you may end up with the wrong formula. This can further affect the repainting process. For example, the paint that you decide to opt for may not be effectively compatible with the materials used in the construction of your kitchen cabinets.

Another reason why people often need to repaint so frequently is due to the use of old paint. Perhaps you have a can of paint that has been standing in your garage for a while. Now, you’ve decided to use it to decorate your kitchen. While there are cases where you can use old paint, it is not always a good idea. 

It’s Not A Quick Project

The process of repainting a set of kitchen cabinets is not a quick task, even though many people think so. You likely already have a layer of paint on the cabinets, so you cannot simply paint another layer on top. It may take you as long as three days, or even more, to finish the project – given that you have everything you need and a sufficient amount of time to spare every day. Before painting, you need to sand off the existing layer of paint. You will also need to remove the doors so that you can better access the smaller edges of the cabinet.

Can Adversely Affect Interior Decor

When you are not highly experienced or a professional, you may end up using inadequate tools during the process. This could leave streaks or blotches on your cabinets, which can adversely affect the decor you have inside the kitchen. You may also find it difficult to get the right color that provides a perfect blend with other elements you have in the kitchen, which would further have a negative effect on the decor. 

Hire A Professional For Your Residential Painting Projects

When you feel overwhelmed with a kitchen cabinet repainting project, it might be time to consider hiring professionals. At Harpeth Painting, we offer professional painting services for your entire home. Our team stays up to date with the latest advancements in painting technologies and strategies, and we only use the best products to ensure you get the results you expect. The top-quality products that we use also help to provide you with a longer-lasting paint job that requires less frequent touch-ups – that’s how we add value for our customers. 

Contact us today for your residential painting projects.

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