Interested in adding a uniqueness and elegance to your home? Decorative finishes might be the perfect choice for you. Using paint, they can add things like texture or depth to an otherwise plain wall.

Originating with plaster and stucco finishes in Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago, it’s no surprise that the style remains popular today in all types of structures like churches, libraries, and museums.  Still not convinced?

Here are some decorative finishes you should consider for your home:

  1. Limewash
  2. Roman Clay
  3. Wood Grain
  4. Strie

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If you’re looking for a modern feel with colors in your home like white, gray, and tan, limewash paint creates a naturally marbled texture that can make any room feel expensive without the hefty price tag. While it adheres best to surfaces like brick, plaster, and stone, limewash paint can easily be used on drywall when a mineral-based primer is used. It’s also a great alternative to wallpaper as you won’t have to worry about the meticulous application process or go through the process of fixing any possible bubbling or wear and tear that can happen with wallpaper over time.

Roman Clay

Resembling natural stone, Roman Clay is a great alternative to the real thing as it is smooth and soft to the touch. Unlike Limewash which is applied with a paintbrush, it’s applied in sweeping motions with a putty knife or trowel. It easily adds depth to any wall as it has a much thicker consistency than regular paint. If you have things like built-in shelves or want to create subtle accent walls, It’s a great way to add some detail while still keeping your color palette the same.

Wood Grain

Wood grain is another great way of creating a natural feel in your home using only paint. The process consists of two colors of latex paint, acrylic glaze, and a wood-graining rocker. Using any combination of colors that resemble natural wood, the wood-graining rocker creates the circular lines and patterns found in wood and the two colors provide that natural looking contrast.


Created by dragging a brush through glaze and creating bristle marks that reveal the base color, strie is often used to mimic the look of draped fabric. With so many fine lines, it creates the appearance of criss-crossing threads of fine linen. While it can add depth to any area in your home, it’s important to keep in mind that it can only be used on walls that have a smooth surface.

Let Harpeth Painting Do The Job

With such a large range of styles, there are a variety of decorative finishes available that can elevate your home. No matter what you’re interested in, our experts are here to help you find the perfect fit.

Our decorative finish services include:

  • Portola limewash
  • Portola Roman Clay
  • Romabio limewash
  • Whitewashing
  • Fine Paints of Europe application

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