According to a recent survey, the most stress-inducing aspects of selling a home include buying and selling simultaneously, making costly repairs and upgrades, dealing with the fear of not selling, and handling outside advice. However, there is one home revision that could reduce the weight of many of these worries — a new paint color.

A new paint job is more cost-effective than extreme architectural changes, giving you the confidence to make a decision without the influence of outside sources. And, believe it or not, the right paint shade can even help attract potential buyers. Read on to learn about three paint colors that can help you sell your home.

Neutral Hues: Timeless Elegance and Broad Appeal

Neutral-colored homes are incredibly eye-catching for buyers as they promote creativity. Buyers often consider neutral homes a “blank slate,” something with abundant potential that they can easily decorate and make their own. This sense of decorative freedom is great for new home buyers.

In addition to the creativity and elegance of neutral hues, there is also a sense of calm and relaxation. A study on the effects of color on behavior showcases that neutral colors are necessary to prevent overstimulation. So, if you want to promote calm creativity, neutral hues are an excellent choice for a simple paint transition to attract buyers.

Light Blue: Serenity and Calmness

What is the first place you think of when you hear “serenity?” For most people, it is the ocean. The light blue of the sea is one of the most calming and attractive colors. And what about a clear blue sky on a sunny day? These are great examples of how blue is a shade that often accompanies our most pleasurable moments.

Researchers have even discovered that “blue spaces” have the power to improve our mental health. In a study by the University of Sussex, 20,000 people were asked to record their feelings at random times. They collected over a million responses and found that people were happiest in blue spaces, hence why many of us feel so safe and relaxed by the water.

What better way to bring the peaceful feeling of the ocean into your home than with the color blue? If you want to attract the hearts and minds of your buyers, blue is bound to relax their senses and make them feel at home in your “soon-to-be sold” home.

Earthy Greens: Nature-Inspired Warmth

Similar to the power of light blue, earthy greens create a sense of zen and warmth as they so intensely reflect nature. Whether sage, olive, or emerald, these shades closely resemble the outside world, making a space feel freeing and less confined.

Green also signifies action (think a green light), improving the chances of someone feeling like they stumbled in the right place to make their own. The green in plants, grass, and trees also exudes freshness and growth. Whether interior or exterior, an earthy green paint will make buyers feel like they landed on a fresh new start.

Ready to Attract Some Buyers? Call Harpeth Painting

Whether you decide to change the hue of your kitchen to a calming bayside blue, your exterior to an emerald dream, or your living room walls to an elegant white, Harpeth Painting is here for you!

Harpeth Painting offers residential painting in Nashville, TN. We have years of experience specializing in interior and exterior painting, cabinet painting, and more. To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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