Have you ever seen the perfect color for your home but had trouble finding it? There’s a good chance it was a color from Fine Paints of Europe. We’re here to help you learn more about their extensive paint offerings and how they can help you accomplish any task or project, unlike other paint options. 

What Is It?

Fine Paints of Europe is a paint brand offering high-quality paints, varnishes, and decorative finishes for interior decoration. Their range of products include paints for walls, woodwork, furniture and floors, and a variety of decorative finishes such as tints and waxes.

Fine Paints of Europe is committed to providing customers with the highest quality product at an affordable price. The products are manufactured from environmentally friendly raw materials, and they use recycled packaging whenever possible.

The History

Fine Paints of Europe is a family business that was formed in the late 80s and has been passed on from generation to generation. The brand’s main values are tradition, quality, and innovation.

John Lahey Sr. opened Fine Paints of Europe in 1987, providing excellent paint and personalized service to discriminating homeowners and the architectural fraternity ever since then. After John Lahey Sr. passed away in June of 2012, his son, John Lahey III, took over as President of the company.

John Lahey Sr. was an innovator in the paint industry and a mentor to his son. The Fine Paints team and John Lahey III plan to honor his memory by continuing the success of the thriving company his father left behind.

The company is dedicated to providing the best quality paints and personalized service to its customers. They offer a wide range of products, including brushes, color fan decks, Dutch door kits, ECO waterborne paints, Eurolux interior acrylic paint, Hollandlac traditional oil paint, house paint, mineral spirits, primers and sealers, sample jars, sign enamel, undercoats, and varnish.

The Differences

Fine Paints of Europe is a premium paint brand that is different from standard paint in many ways:

Quality of Ingredients

Fine Paints of Europe contains the same overall categories of ingredients. However, the quality of those ingredients is superior to standard paint. Standard paint is often manufactured with inexpensive fillers and other ingredients of lesser quality, whereas Fine Paints of Europe use higher-quality ingredients.


Europeans view the process of painting as a capital investment. They consider a high-quality painting to be a source of great pride and pleasure. Because of this, Fine Paints of Europe is designed to last longer than standard paint.

Color Vibrancy

Fine Paints of Europe is known for its vibrant, deep, bold, and rich colors. These colors resemble a polished stone look, whereas standard paint looks more like a plastic gloss.

Ease of Blending

Fine Paints of Europe formulates to dry very slowly, making it easy to paint wet-into-wet and blend color on the surface of the painting.

Environmental Friendliness

Fine Paints of Europe’s Eurolux™ range of acrylic coatings and ECO™ range of waterborne alkyds qualify to carry the Green Windmill insignia signifying low VOCs, low aromatics, and earth-friendly formulations.


The benefits of this paint include the following:

  • Long-lasting colors that endure and look beautiful over time
  • Formulated from the finest ingredients to high standards
  • Odorless, environmentally friendly formulations with water clean up
  • Lead-free paint
  • VOCs less than 50
  • Hardness, durability, beauty, and chemical resistance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Optimal durability and allure

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