Walking into a room and immediately being drawn to a wall that stands out, tells a unique story. That’s the magic of an accent wall. Not only does it provide a focal point, but it also has the power to dramatically transform the overall ambiance of any space. If you’re considering a fresh approach to your interior painting in Nashville, accent walls might just be the solution.

The Rise of Accent Walls in Modern Interior Design

In the 1960s, designers began embracing accent walls as a way to introduce color without overwhelming a space. Fast forward to today, and homeowners are increasingly adopting this trend, infusing local art and culture into their homes. Now, its more than just a trend—an accent wall is now a staple in modern design.

Benefits of Adding an Accent Wall

Depth and Dimension

Firstly, one cannot overlook the visual depth an accent wall adds to a room. A strategically painted or designed wall can make a smaller room seem larger. According to a study by Zillow, homes with certain colors, especially in living rooms, sold for more than expected.

Personality and Character

Next, they allow homeowners to infuse their personal style and preferences into their spaces. Think of a wall showcasing a rich, emerald hue or a wallpaper with vintage patterns—both adding unmatched character to a room.


Accent walls aren’t just for aesthetics. They’re also functional. In homes with open floor plans, they can distinctively separate spaces, like distinguishing the dining area from the living room.


Lastly, the beauty of accent walls is their versatility. Whether it’s in a cozy family home or a modern Nashville office, they effortlessly fit in, amplifying the environment.

Popular Choices for Accent Walls in Nashville


Choosing the perfect color is paramount. It sets the mood and complements existing décor. Here, at Harpeth Painting, we have seen an influx of earthy tones and soft pastels in Nashville homes.


Wallpapers are making a comeback, with intricate designs and textures. A professional installation, like Harpeth’s wallpaper installation service, ensures longevity and a flawless finish.

Decorative Finishes

From rustic faux finishes to chic metallics, we offers a myriad of decorative finishes that can turn any wall into a masterpiece.

Wood Staining

Nothing beats the classic, warm allure of stained wood. Our expertise in wood staining ensures that the wood grain is highlighted and protected.

Do’s and Don’ts When Considering an Accent Wall

Before you jump in, heed some advice:

  • Do consider the room’s natural focal point.
  • Don’t choose overly bright colors without considering the ambiance.
  • Do coordinate with the room’s existing color palette.
  • Don’t forget to consider lighting, both natural and artificial.

Make a Statement with Harpeth Painting

Accent walls are more than just a design element; they’re a reflection of one’s personality and style. If you’re looking to transform a space in your home or business, consider the allure and impact of an accent wall.

Interested in discussing more? Reach out to Harpeth Painting for a personalized consultation.

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